Gangster film shows Kinshasa like never before


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Viva Riva recently had its Kenyan premier in Nairobi. Shot in war-torn Kinshasa and made by Congolese actors and filmmakers, this hardboiled gangster film has already enjoyed success across Africa and beyond. [Published 25/01/12 in RNW] Congolese director Djo Munga … Continue reading

Mathare, Nairobi



Photo taken 2008 in Mathare, Nairobi.


Mathare is one of the oldest slum area’s east of the city center of Nairobi with a population of approximately 500,000 people. In Mathare I visited a football match, organized by Wilson Masaka, a trainer of Nairobits.


With Africa Interactive we produced our very first video about this team.

At that moment we were in the proces of researching the possibility of developing a real life series about the team. We wanted to showcase a weekly TV series. A few quotes in the pilot. Coach Wilson Masaka: ‘Soon my boys will be men. It is up to me to help them become the best they can be.’ Soccer player Edwin Wesonga: ‘If you aim for the stars, you just might hit the sky. Never give up.’


Please check out the football team video. 25.000 views on Youtube already.