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PV in Mhamid

Welcome to my Blog! Here I have posted some of my recent stories and photo’s.

I am a journalist by profession focussing on Africa. I am also one of the founders of Africa Interactive. Africa Interactive is a media company, working with local journalists in Africa. I am also one of the founders of Dutch news website Afrikanieuws.nl and Africanews.com

I find it exciting to show exceptional stories that give a different perspective on developments in Africa. I am intrigued by the rapid development and changes in Africa and the role (new) media play.

In the last few years I took on various jobs as a freelancer. I work for the Somalian migrant organisation HIRDA, I assist the kind people of Festival Taragalte in Morocco and I worked with The Broker, as a managing and I helped to develop a business plan for the international edition of ZAM Magazine. I also assisted the African Artist’ Foundation in Nigeria with their great Lagos Photo Festival. Besides that I am writing for various media.

This is the introduction video of Africa Interactive:

Africa Interactive from Africa Interactive on Vimeo.

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